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Sep 1, 2014

Night Thrills - HITS Twist

My photos this week don't do this gorgeous polish justice! Let me assure you that this is lots better in person!

[Bottle to nail: HITS Speciallita Twist]
I'm talking about Hits Speciallita Twist! This is a deep blue jelly jam packed with blue-to-green duochrome flakies. Check out that bottle shot!

[ 2 coats: HITS Speciallita Twist]
It takes a bit of finagling to work with because the formula is slightly thick, which I think is partly because of the amount of flakies jammmed into the polish. With a bit of patience, the results are worth it though.

[ 2 coats: HITS Speciallita Twist]
I also like that the jelly base does apply too dark and the flakies manage to shine through. Unfortunately I couldn't capture the colour change on my nail and it was definitely not as visible indoors at night under artificial lighting. Outdoors though, this polish just comes to life. This is definitely one polish that changes its looks depending on the lighting!

Aug 28, 2014

Sweet Villains - Face of Australia Voldemort, Revlon Sassy

[Base: Revlon Sassy
Top coat: Face of Australia Voldemort]
I've decided to pair Face of Australia's Voldemort from the Dark Side collection with Revlon Sassy as the base. What do you think?

Voldemort is a black and light blue hex glitter in varying sizes in a clear base. The matte glitter pay off is pretty good, with a fairly nice coverage with just one coat.

[Base: Revlon Sassy
Top coat: Face of Australia Voldemort]
I really like this colour combination and I'm liking that all the brands are coming out with these matte glitters. Gives us all these options to mix and match with different bases and other glitters too!

Aug 25, 2014

Featherheads - China Glaze Flock Together

I wasn't quite sure how I felt about the "feather" polish trend initially so this was one of my first forays into it! I think it does look pretty cool but it certainly depends on the glitter quality and colour combination!

[Bottle to nail: China Glaze Flock Together (2 coats) over Essence The Dawn is Broken]
The honour goes to China Glaze Flock Together, a combination of black, blue and pale green bar glitter in a clear base. I used a gray base shade for this - Essence The Dawn is Broken (see swatch here), followed by two coats of Flock Together.

[Glitter: China Glaze Flock Together (2 coats); Base: Essence The Dawn is Broken]
The old bar glitter from aaaages ago used to be a pain! Curling, sticking out, generally getting in the way and making it oh-so-tempting to pick off your nail. I'm happy to say that I didn't have this issue at all with Flock Together. Everything lay flat and leveled out. It did dry a bit bumpy but nothing some topcoat can't fix!

[Glitter: China Glaze Flock Together (2 coats); Base: Essence The Dawn is Broken]
I think it definitely helps that the bars are shorter. After testing this out, I think I'd definitely like to experiment a bit more with bar glitter in my polish!

Aug 21, 2014

Orange Flash - Hare Reverie in Rubellite, Ulta3 Orchid

I can't believe I have had this Hare polish for so long before I tried it!

[Base: Ulta3 Orchid
Top coat: Hare Reverie in Rubellite]
I think Hare's Reverie in Rubellite is pretty flashy against Ulta3 Orchid as the base. Reverie in Rubellite has hex glitter in varying sizes and a light shimmer in gold. I like it, and I must try this against black or red at some point!

Aug 18, 2014

Gossamer Petals - Revlon Popular

Here's a relatively old polish - Revlon Popular (also known as Starry Pink). Jme has previously swatched this here but here's some old photos of mine that I took when I used it as a full mani.

[Bottle to nail: Revlon Popular (2 coats)]
Popular is a pink creme/jelly with small and large silver hexes. As Jme has mentioned, the hexes are not super reflective, coming off as a bit more of a matte finish. It's a very delicate combination and jazzes up a mostly worksafe polish!

[2 coats: Revlon Popular]
The hexes lay flat on othe nail and the polish levels out well. This was two coats as my nails were fairly short at the time. I think the lighting in the first photo makes it look like it hasn't quite reached opacity but as you can see it's actually not that obvious in this photo and the one below.

[2 coats: Revlon Popular]
Overall a very pretty combination, maybe something I would reach for on a "girly" day!

Aug 14, 2014

Black Paint on Skin - Maybelline Urban Vibe, Revlon Peach Smoothie

I'm really loving the nail polish from this Maybelline Color Show Street Art collection.

[Revlon Peach Smoothie]
Revlon Peach Smoothie is a beige nail polish with a very subtle gold microglitter, and I thought it would be a great matching base for the Maybelline Urban Vibe.

[Base: Revlon Peach Smoothie
Top: Maybelline Urban Vibe]
Maybelline Urban Vibe has peach and black hex glitter of all sizes, and I don't often see this type of glitter in this sort of colour, so I just had to get it.

[Base: Revlon Peach Smoothie
Top: Maybelline Urban Vibe]
I'll try Urban Vibe against a different colour next time so that there's more contrast, but I do like this look as well, where there's more uniformity. I am really liking the nail polishes from this collection. I wish I could have all of it. :)