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Nov 23, 2015

Avian Display - Peacock nail foil, Layla Turquoise Splash, Picture Polish Revolution

Another birthday gift from Jme - this time a nail foil!

[Eyes on the prize]
 Yay for nail foils! Quick, easy way to get fancy nails? Grab the foil glue and get stickin'!

[Peacock nail foil; Topcoat: Picture Polish Revolution]
This particular one is a peacock feather themed nail foil. The background (not the "eyes") are transparent but the entire foil has a pixellated holographic overlay over the top that you can sort of see on my middle finger above. I used Layla Softouch Effect in Turquoise Splash to keep in the peacock theme. You can see my swatches of Turquoise Splash here.

[Peacock nail foil; Topcoat: Picture Polish Revolution]
I also conveniently received my bottle of Picture Polish Revolution top/basecoat for glitter polish/nail foils at the same time, so that's what I used on this, and yes! It did preserve the holographic finish on this foil. Overall, a success! Sounds like it's time to break out all my shiny and/or holo foils...

Nov 19, 2015

Bubbling Sea - Revlon Heavenly

I have no idea why I haven't tried this nail polish until now. It really is quite pretty.

[Revlon Heavenly]
This is Revlon's Heavenly over a black nail polish base. Heavenly consists of holo-gold hex glitter and holo-blue square glitter in a clear base. The glitter aren't opaque so they do look better against darker colours.

[Revlon Heavenly]
Lovely, no? The nail polish gives the mani an electric blue sheen, while still being flashy and colourful. The bottle is quite densely packed with glitter too so two coats were enough to achieve the above look.

Nov 16, 2015

Kiddy Graffiti - Sally Hansen Shrimply Divine, Pixel Perfect

Here's another birthday-related manicure! 

[Well done, little grasshopper]
Basically my little niece was allowed to pick out two shades of polish to gift to me and this is the combination she chose. Pretty good!

[2 coats: Sally Hansen Shrimply Divine]
Apologies for the terrible photos! This particular shade was absolutely impossible to photograph. It's Sally Hansen Shrimply Divine (lol) which is a bright almost-neon pink with a slight coral tint to it. I used two coats as a base, it was nice and opaque.

[Base: Sally Hansen Shrimply Divine (2 coats); Glitter: Sally Hansen Pixel Perfect (1 coat)]
The next polish was Sally Hansen Pixel Perfect, a combination of black and white glitter in different sizes of hexes and some bars as well. I used one carefully dabbed on coat for this manicure. Don't they go so well together!

[Base: Sally Hansen Shrimply Divine (2 coats); Glitter: Sally Hansen Pixel Perfect (1 coat)]
To tone it down just a little bit, I finished off with some matte topcoat which really pulled the whole look together. Really liking this! Well done, small child! =D

Nov 12, 2015

Speckled Sky - Jordana My Superstar, Orly High On Hope

I decided to try out some oldies but goodies because I had forgotten how they looked on the nails.

[Base: Orly High On Hope
Topcoat: Jordana My Superstar]
It's rare that I remember to photograph the bottles, so here we go:

[Left: Jordana My Superstar
Right: Orly High On Hope]
From the picture above you would think that I've been hitting up Jordana My Superstar like it's the last nail polish on earth. But no, a lot of it is used because I used it to make a couple other franken polish. I actually have quite a few franken polishes, I just rarely post them because I don't think people are that interested. 

I do use Orly's High On Hope quite a bit as a base. The colourshift shimmer you see in the bottle is not visible on the nails but it's useful as a navy-ish base polish. As you case in the pictures, it's not a dark navy blue, but more of a dusty navy blue shade.

[Base: Orly High On Hope
Topcoat: Jordana My Superstar]
I had forgotten how much I liked My Superstar until I tried it out again. I love the gold, red and light blue glitter combo. The glitter density is pretty good too and only requires one coat to achieve the look above. I really like the combination of My Superstar against High On Hope. It looks colourful but restrained at the same time.

Nov 9, 2015

Brilliant Galaxy - Dance Legend Evolution

Wooo, it was my birthday in September and Jme gave me a whole bunch of gorgeous polishes as usual! <3

[C-c-check it out!]
Isn't that gorgeous! The blue and gold glitter is so glowy in that jelly base!

[Bottle to nail: Dance Legend Evolution (2 coats)]
If you haven't already come across it, this is Evolution from Dance Legend's City Lights collection, an amazing collection of square iridescent glitters in a jelly base.

[2 coats: Dance Legend Evolution]
As for Evolution, I didn't realise from the bottle that it was a deep green jelly base! The jelly is chockers full of iridescent blue square glitter and smaller gold particles. I've always loved that bright blue in polishes (such as in Sinful Colors Crystal Clear). You can really see where the City Lights theme comes across in this collection.

[2 coats: Dance Legend Evolution]
I used two coats for these swatches and it's pretty opaque, so it's just that with the bright light I took photos under, you can really see the green base. Good formula, just with a bit of a strong smell. But otherwise, a lovely polish and amazing combination.

Nov 5, 2015

Coal to Gold - Lacquistry Blacquistry

I have my grubby paws on Lacquistry's Blacquistry but my photos do them no justice!

[Lacquistry Blacquistry]

You might remember that I was a leeetle bit disappointed with Lacquistry's Soulstice. It was vibrant, it was shiny, but it just wasn't as shiny as I expected. It looks more like a foil rather than the crazy metallic shininess of Amazeballs.

Blacquistry is exactly as pretty and shiny as I expected. I wish I had better photos!

[Lacquistry Blacquistry]
With the black base, it's opaque in one coat. But I did use two coats here, just in case. The gold glitter is more visible in Blacquistry as compared to Soulstice. Rather than a black foil, it's most definitely a black polish jam-packed with small flakey-ish gold glitter. You can click on the photos to see them in full size and get a better view of the glitter. I'm impressed that a nail polish can look so black yet so metallic and shiny at the same time. I really like this one!