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Jul 17, 2014

Glitter Glamour - ulta3 Orchid, Shimmer Karen

I bought this during a blog sale, and I have to say, I love it.

[Base: ulta3 Orchid
Top: 2 coats of Shimmer Karen]
This is Karen, from Shimmer Polish. The polish is so heavy with glitter in a clear base, that I've no idea how to begin to describe the glitter. Just take it as chock-full of tiny hex and square glitter, in silver, purple and holo. It's magnificent! At two coats, the coverage is pretty solid, as you can see. I used ulta3 Orchid as the base, because I didn't want to build to opacity using Karen and I also wanted a darker purple for it to contrast against.

[Base: ulta3 Orchid
Top: 2 coats of Shimmer Karen]
Here, you can see how Karen looks at just one coat.

[Base: ulta3 Orchid
Top: 1 coat of Shimmer Karen]
The consistency was great, and I loved the glitter mix. Very, very nice results.

Jul 14, 2014

Spring Forward - Femme Fatale Cosmetics A Tisket A Tasket

Back to full manis this week! Here's one that I've already shown a skittle of in a past post.

[Flower garden]
This delicate polish is A Tisket A Tasket, from Femme Fatale Cosmetics. As I previously posted, this is a combination of mint, green and aqua with some pink highlights, all in a pale green jelly/creme base.

[Bottle to nail: Femme Fatale Cosmetics A Tisket A Tasket (2 coats)]
I only have a mini of this one but you can really see the variety of shades and shapes of glitter in this little beauty! I especially love the neon pink and aqua!

[2 coats: Femme Fatale Cosmetics A Tisket A Tasket]
I think these were all two thick coats and you get lovely depth with the jelly/creme base. The base looks almost white in my photos, but there's a faint tint of mint to it as you can tell from the bottle shot.

[2 coats: Femme Fatale Cosmetics A Tisket A Tasket]
All in all, a beautiful mix as usual, and one that really puts me in mind of spring (despite the fact that it's mid-winter at the moment, eek!).

Jul 10, 2014

Confetti Party - Coco Allure Cleopinktra, Coco Allure Bootiful, Barielle Falling Star

Ev and I don't often coordinate what we're posting each week, and once in a long while, we end up posting about the same nail polishes. This week turned out to be one such example, but I've decided to carry on!

[Top: Coco Allure Cleopinktra
Middle: Coco Allure Bootiful
Base: Barielle Falling Star]
This is Coco Allure Cleopinktra over Coco Allure Bootiful over Barielle Falling Star!

[Left: Coco Allure Cleopinktra
Right: Coco Allure Bootiful]
Barielle Falling Star is this gorgeous blue polish with orange/bronze glitter. I love it, and it makes a gorgeous base for these glitter toppers. Here's a swatch of Falling Star.

Ev has described these two polishes already on Monday. I'll be lazy and quote her spot on description from here: Bootiful is a mix of black, orange and purple glitter in two sizes each of hexes and squares. - Cleopinktra is a mix of gold and magenta hex and square glitter in different sizes.

To be honest, I've found Bootiful doesn't make for a great topper. The consistency is fine and there's glitter aplenty. I think the problem is there's too much big black glitter in the polish and the glitter are all too similar in size. It could just be my personal taste.

But I love Cleopinktra. The variety of square and hex glitter is perfect, and the pink/magenta and gold combo is gorgeous. Layering Cleopinktra over Bootiful is magnificent, in my opinion. The combination just really works together! That both Ev and I did it without consulting each other shows that we individually thought it was a winning combo. :)

[Top: Coco Allure Cleopinktra
Middle: Coco Allure Bootiful
Base: Barielle Falling Star]
The last photo was taken in natural light, with my nails falling in the shadow a little. The glitter look almost like they're glowing here.

Jul 7, 2014

Lucky Dip - Aphrodite Lacquer, Coco Allure, LA Girl, Nabi

Oh dear, this edition of glitter skittles is going to test my memory... let's see what we've got!

On either side, we have two sheer coats of Aphrodite Lacquer Don't Copy Me. I previously posted about this, so check out the post to see what it looks like as a full mani!
In the middle is a happy glitter mix of two Coco Allure polishes - Bootiful and Cleopinktra. Bootiful is a mix of black, orange and purple glitter in two sizes each of hexes and squares. I showed a skittle of Cleopinktra last week, a mix of gold and magenta hex and square glitter in different sizes. 

Aaaand here's a close up of Cleopinktra over a black creme, then topped of with LA Girl Flamboyant, a mix of small and large orange hexes.

[Left] Hmmmm.... evidently a duochrome over black, topped off with...? I have no idea!!
[Right] Not sure what the base is, possibly the same duochrome over black, topped off with LA Girl Incognito and Nabi Party Mania Glitter. Incognito is a mix of small blue hexes with scattered large silver hexes. Party Mania Glitter is a deep blue jelly base with blue, gold, silver, yellow, magenta and green hex glitter. I previously did a skittle with it, but it looks so different depending on which colours you manage to pick up on the brush!

Phew! This should be the last skittle post for now, back to regular full manis next week!

Jul 3, 2014

Sea Foam - Revlon Sea Lagoon

Time for a pastel mani!

I'm a sucker for those pop up discount stores that appear every so often in Sydney. $2 for Revlon nail polishes? That's hard to resist!

[Revlon Sea Lagoon]
This is Revlon Blue Lagoon, a light blue nail polish with silver microglitter. Alas, while the silver microglitter is prominent in the bottle, it's less so on the nails. You have to be really close to your nails to see a hint of it.

[Revlon Sea Lagoon with unknown glitter topper]
To add a little something extra to it, I layered over a nail polish I picked up in Malaysia awhile back, photographed below. It's this semi-matte pastel teal and white hex and bar glitter topper. Very sweet and pretty! Nothing on the labels are in English but it's been tagged 61 at the random jewellery shop I bought it from. I think this glitter adds a nice subtle sea foam type of look to Blue Lagoon, hence the title. :)

Jun 30, 2014

Snow and Shine - Femme Fatale, Coco Allure, Candeo Colors

I have my usual computer back (yay!) but I prepared a couple of glitter skittle posts so I thought I'll just get through them before going back to posting full manis.

[Left] Femme Fatale Sinister Calling, a beautiful glitter mix in predominantly purple and blue hues. Wonderfully complex and the bar glitter doesn't stick up too much. The base is a purple jelly so you can reach full opacity in 2-3 coats.
[Right] This is Coco Allure Cleopinktra, over a base of Coco Allure Like, Totally Pink. The base is a bright pink jelly with a strong purple/fuchsia sheen which you can see quite clearly in the photo. The glitter topcoat is a clear base packed full of purple, pink/magenta and gold glitter in various shapes and sizes. They go perfectly together!

From left to right:
[1] Femme Fatale A Tisket, A Tasket - beautiful combination of mint, green and aqua with some pink highlights, all in a pale green jelly/creme base.
[2] Femme Fatale Shimmering Snowcap - White and gold-leaning iridescent glitter, a delicate combination!
[3, 4] Candeo Colors Dolce - A sheer nude/pink jelly base with scattered glitter in shades of white, purple and pink. This is a really sweet polish and I think the more... sedate amount of glitter really works well here!

I've been really lazy about painting my nails recently, especially since it's the middle of winter and my fingers feel like they're freezing off while I'm waiting for the polish to dry! Oh, the trials and tribulations of a polish enthusiast...