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Feb 20, 2017

Mermaid Steps - Australis Seafoam

Quick post quick post! I have done soooo much overtime over the last fortnight, which was probably good timing as I then received about 4 bills in the post all at once, hahahaaaa....

[Bottle to nail: Australis Seafoam (2 coats)]
Anyway, that's why it's a quick post today! This is Australis Seafoam, a really nice bright pastel mint green shade. I uhmmed and ahhed over getting it because I have a lot of aqua/teal/mint but this is just such a good basic shade that I couldn't pass it over.

[2 coats: Australis Seafoam]
This is two coats. It looks somewhat streaky at one coat but is easy enough to even out with two. Note that my nails are pretty short at this stage so if you had longer nails, you may need three coats.

[2 coats: Australis Seafoam]
A really nice gloss finish, but I put on a thin layer of topcoat as usual! Don't worry - I have a more interesting post next week (and hopefully more time to spend writing it!)...!!

Feb 16, 2017

Smooth Operator - Dance Legend Chimera

Ah, my favourite colour!

[Dance Legend Chimera]
This is Dance Legend's Chimera, from their Mystery collection. It's a purple chrome nail polish that is fully opaque with two coats. No hassle to apply at all. Look at how smooth and lustrous it is!

Anyway, today is a fairly short post. I'm using this as a base for stamping, to no one's surprise, so next post will be about that!

Feb 15, 2017

Poison Swamp - Dance Legend Supernatural, Dance Legend Hell Money

Following on from last week... what's better than one polish from the Dance Legend Mystery collection....? Why, two of them, of course! =p

[Hulk smash!]
There was sooome thought behind the Hulk-esque colour scheme! I swear~

[Bottle to nail: Dance Legend Supernatural (2 coats)]
Quick photo of the base I started with in last week's post - Dance Legend Supernatural, a multichrome flakie that shifts from purple to bronze.

[Bottle to nail: Dance Legend Hell Money (tips); Base: Dance Legend Supernatural (2 coats)]
I then carefully sponged a layer of Dance Legend Hell Money over the tips to make a gradient. Hell Money is a green to purple to bronze multichrome (which you can see very nicely in the bottle pic above) so in my head I thought it should totally match up!

[Bottle to nail: Dance Legend Supernatural (2 coats); Tips: Dance Legend Hell Money]
The gradient is much more gradual in real life as the different flakies blend quite well. Metallic flakies like these are really good for sponging on as you can make it as dense or sparse as you like.

[Base: Dance Legend Supernatural (2 coats); Tips: Dance Legend Hell Money]
These photos don't capture it that well but Hell Money is a bright emerald green, rather than the slight blue tinge in these photos (I was next to an open window on a very sunny day).

[Base: Dance Legend Supernatural (2 coats); Tips: Dance Legend Hell Money]
You can see though that in the angled photo, it does turn purple! That was my rationale for putting these two shades together....

[Base: Dance Legend Supernatural (2 coats); Tips: Dance Legend Hell Money]
I'm quite happy with how this turned out and would like to experiment with more gradients in future! Maybe in combination with stamping! Do allll the things!

Feb 9, 2017

Shining Geometry - Dance Legend Step 1, Hit the Bottle A bolt from the Blue, Born Pretty stamping plate BP-L040

I almost forgot about this mani!

[Base: Dance Legend Step 1
Stamping: Hit the Bottle A bolt from the Blue, Born Pretty stamping plate BP-L040]
I did a post about the base polish, which is Dance Legend's Step 1, here. It's a silver holo polish that I stamped over with Hit the Bottle's A bolt from the Blue, a blue chrome stamping polish. The pattern is from Born Pretty's BP-L040, a stamping plate filled with rather interesting geometric shapes.

[Born Pretty stamping plate BP-L040]
This is BP-L040, and the pattern I used is the third from the left in the last row. I've used this plate a couple of times now and have been happy with the results so far.

[Base: Dance Legend Step 1
Stamping: Hit the Bottle A bolt from the Blue, Born Pretty stamping plate BP-L040]
I think the final result was glittery, shiny and rather neat, if I do say so myself. I tried to photograph the holo look by taking an out of focus shot below:

[Base: Dance Legend Step 1
Stamping: Hit the Bottle A bolt from the Blue, Born Pretty stamping plate BP-L040]
Hopefully that captures some of the nice shiny holo that was framed by the blue stamping.

Feb 6, 2017

Magic Fantastic - Dance Legend Supernatural

I just love the multichrome metallic flakies from the Dance Legend Mystery collection! Here's a lovely one that Jme gifted me last year..

[Bottle to nail: Dance Legend Supernatural (2 coats)]
This one is Supernatural, which is a clear base packed full of metallic flakies that shift from purple to gold at extreme angles. There's also a whole bunch of other colours packed in there that you can see in the bottle photo above - eg magenta-blue flakies. It definitely gives a very complex look to the finish rather than a flat single duochrome polish.

[2 coats: Dance Legend Supernatural]
Here's two photos to show the main purple shade, and then the bronze/gold at extreme angles. Very good colour shift!

[2 coats: Dance Legend Supernatural]
I think these photos were taken without topcoat, so it's not a completely smooth appearance, even though the flakes definitely lay flat on the nail. In general, an excellent formula - quick-drying, opaque in two coats (and on fairly long nails for myself even!) and no need for fishing around.

[2 coats: Dance Legend Supernatural]
The first and last photos in this post were taken in direct lighting to show how reflective the flakes are. Definitely a great polish for the collection!

Feb 2, 2017

Red + Gold - Lacquistry Amazeball: Original, Hit the Bottle Drop Red Gorgeous, Born Pretty L025

Happy Chinese New Year to all! It's time for manis in red and gold!

[Shining Skies]
The base is Lacquistry's Amazeball: Original, a gorgeous absurdly shiny gold flakes polish in a clear base. It's almost opaque in one coat and is one of the shiniest gold polish I have. I have stamped on top of it with a pattern of clouds from Born Pretty's stamping plate L025, using Hit the Bottle's Drop Red Gorgeous, a red chrome stamping polish.

[Born Pretty Stamping Plate L025]
Stamping plate L025 has a distinctly Asian flavour which is why I chose it for my Chinese New Year themed manicure. I actually did try the other patterns but they really did not stand out with a red and gold combination, but the clouds did pretty well against the gold.

[Base: Lacquistry Amazeball: Original
Stamping: Hit the Bottle Drop Red Gorgeous, Born Pretty L025]
My nails were too long for the cloud's stamping pattern to cover the entire nail, so what I did was to block off the tips of my nails with tape and stamp it so that there was only a strip of stamped cloud pattern in the middle of the gold nails. 

Since my aim was to have something shiny in red and gold, I think I achieved the look I was after! :D