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Jul 28, 2016

Stamping in Shapes - Australis Sweetpea, Australis Indie, Born Pretty BPL 027

Geometry plus stamping! What fun!

[Base: Australis Sweetpea
Stamping polish: Australis Indie
Stamping plate: Born Pretty BPL 027]
Australis' Sweetpea was used as the base and Australis' Indie was used as the stamping polish. Sweetpea is a nice, very pale pastel green, while Indie is a medium green. Don't be fooled by how light Indie looks in the photos. These Australis nail polishes aren't made specifically for stamping but they do stamp well in any case. Unlike nail polishes made specifically for stamping, Australis nail polishes tend to be thinner when stamped, which is why they show up as a lighter shade when used for stamping.

I quite like it anyway to be honest. It's like stamping with water colour!

[Left: Australis Sweetpea
Right: Australis Indie]
I like when nail polish companies release lighter and darker shades of the same colour. It's useful to match up.

[Stamping plate: Born Pretty BPL 027]

This is Born Pretty's stamping plate BPL 027 and the pattern I used for stamping is on the second row, second from the right.

[Base: Australis Sweetpea
Stamping polish: Australis Indie
Stamping plate: Born Pretty BPL 027]
Not a bad stamping effort right? I really did like how it turned out. I could have aligned them all so that the patterns on the nails were all the same and oriented the same way, but I wanted to stamp from a variety of places on the same stamping pattern.

I have to admit... I'm getting a little more hooked on stamping, so expect to see more of that over here! :)

Jul 25, 2016

Blushin' Blooms - Australis Kpop, Mundo de Unas Yellow, Born Pretty BP-83

As always, I try to make the most of a base shade by putting something else over the top of it...

[Flower power!]
...and my method of choice for the past few months has been stamping - so I'm pretty happy to have fulfilled one of my nail resolutions... Learn to stamp!

[Bottle to nail: Australis Kpop (2 coats)]
Once again, my base shade is the bright and beautiful Kpop from Australis, a bubblegummy purple creme.

[Plate to nail: Born Pretty BP-83;
Base: Australis Kpop (2 coats); Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas Yellow]
I chose this pattern of flowers in both positive and negative prints from Born Pretty round stamping plate BP-83. Isn't it such a cute design?

[Bottle to nail: Mundo de Unas Yellow;
Base: Australis Kpop (2 coats); Stamping plate: Born Pretty BP-83]
I couldn't resist pairing it up with a matching cheery shade and what better than a bright yellow! This one is Mundo de Unas Yellow stamping polish.

[Base: Australis Kpop (2 coats); Stamping: Mundo de Unas Yellow, Born Pretty BP-83]
We've got super 60s flower power going on here! I was already pretty happy with the base shade alone but this eye-searing result is almost even better!! =p

Jul 21, 2016

Space Blues - Dance Legend Andromeda

Take a look at this duochrome flakie combination in Dance Legend's Andromeda, from their Bow - Out of Space collection!

[Dance Legend Andromeda]
Before I talk about the nail polish, let me gush about the bottle, which I forgot to do when I was reviewing Dance Legend's Mutation. I really love this rectangular boxy shaped bottle. It's easy to open which maybe it's just me and my weak small fingers, but I often struggle with newly delivered nail polish bottles. It's especially annoying when I have just put on a base coat and it's still tacky, so I'm struggling to open the next nail polish bottle while holding my fingers at odd angles so as not to damage my base coat. But with this rectangular shaped bottles, it's so much easier to grip. And it does help that design looks swanky of course. :P

Now about the contents of this bottle...

[Dance Legend Andromeda]
Well, what isn't there to love about this? It's a duochrome base, with a colour shift from blue to purple, and it has blue-green flakies.  Application is smooth and the nail polish is not streaky. The flakie to polish ratio is really good, no need to fish in the bottle for them. The colour shift is really good too and it's pretty visible on the nails. Combined with the bottle, I'm really loving this Bow collections from Dance Legend.

Jul 18, 2016

Poppin' Pretty - Australis Kpop

I have a lovely bright colour to post about today and it's been cheering me up these freeeeezing winter days!

[Bottle to nail: Australis Kpop (2 coats)]
This here is Kpop by Australis, an amazing bubblegum purple shade that is a lot brighter on the nail than it looks in the bottle. Very eyecatching, almost a neon pastel!

[2 coats: Australis Kpop]
A lovely formula, and a nice opaque creme shade which I used two coats of here. Evens out well and isn't streaky at all.

[2 coats: Australis Kpop]
Cover with a glossy layer of topcoat for the perfect winter colour pop! This also lasted quite well through lots of handwashing and rough treatment so colour me impressed~

Jul 16, 2016

Wild Flowers - Dance Legend Mutation, Born Pretty Green Stamping Polish, Born Pretty BPL-029

Here's a not quite successful attempt at stamping which I still like enough to show you! I'll keep using the excuse that I'm a noob at this... :P

[Base polish for index finger: Maybelline Twilight Rays
Base polish for other fingers: Dance Legend MutationStamping: Born Pretty Green Stamping Polish. Born Pretty BPL-029 plate]
Excluding the index finger, the base polish is Dance Legend's Mutation which I reviewed on Thursday. See, I didn't know Mutation was a colour changing nail polish, so I thought a dark teal base would let the metallic green stamp show up better. That didn't quite work out since the base polish turned a light dusty green against my warm nails. I used a black nail polish on my index finger as a base to see if I could get the metallic green stamping polish to show up better against a darker background.

Ev has reviewed the Born Pretty green stamping polish here, which I think showcases the stamping polish's metallic green a lot better. Over here, you can see that only the pattern on my thumb came through well, while the rest just looks like abstract art. I have no idea why I was struggling with this nail polish, but I didn't seem to have as much issue stamping with other nail polishes.

[Stamping Plate: Born Pretty BPL-029]
The plate I used, BPL-029, was one I reviewed before. You can see the pattern I used on my thumb in the stamping samples I did above. It's the pattern that is second from the right, on the top row.

[Base polish for index finger: Maybelline Twilight Rays
Base polish for other fingers: Dance Legend Mutation
Stamping: Born Pretty Green Stamping Polish. Born Pretty BPL-029 plate]
This photo above was taken on my phone under direct sunlight. It's winter here in Sydney so it's much colder outside, as demonstrated by my colour changing nail polish that has gone almost black at the tips, and gone a medium green against the warmer nail bed. I think it's a cool effect and I'll stamp over a colour changing nail polish again, after more thought given to all the colours involved.

Jul 14, 2016

Mossy Mountains - Dance Legend Mutation

Today, I have a surprise colour changing nail polish! Surprise because I got this as a gift from Ev, and I'm sure she told me it was one of those thermal nail polish that changes colour depending on the temperature, but I had forgotten that aspect completely!

[Dance Legend Mutation]
This is Dance Legend's Mutation from their Bow - Conversion collection. Mutation is a light dusty teal when warm and a dark teal when very cold. The nail polish dries matte and rather quickly.

I was fairly impressed that despite the fact that my nails weren't that long, the gradient look was still present all the time. My nails are unfortunately too short for there to be a more dramatic colour change, but I did manage to get a much better colour change photo (outside, where it's colder) at a later stage which I'll be posting tomorrow.

[Dance Legend Mutation]
I was actually looking for a dark green/teal nail polish when I chose this bottle to use on my nails and to be my bewilderment, the nail polish dried to a dusty light green, quite different to what was in the bottle! Then it struck me when the tips of my nails turned a darker green that I had on a thermal polish! Rather silly of me...

I have quite a number of colour change nail polishes but this one goes easily to the top of the list. It's easy to apply and a lovely colour change too.