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Mar 26, 2015

Diamond In The Rough - Sally Hansen Glitz Gal

It's been awhile. I've been away because of a personal loss, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things again. Thanks to Ev for keeping the blog going. This was a mani I was preparing to show before I went on hiatus.

[Three coats of Sally Hansen Glitz Gal]
Sally Hansen's Glitz Gal is a recent-ish addition to my collection and I'm not sure why it took so long for me to add it. It's a charcoal dark grey polish with a textured matte finish and hex holo glitter sprinkled within. I found it rather lovely. It was opaque in two coats but I went for a third coat just in case.

Apologies in advance but I feel like a lot of nail polish terminology has slipped out of my mind so things might sound weird while I find my feet again.

Mar 23, 2015

Sand Rainbow - LA Splash Sparkling Tailscales

A follow-up from last week's post, now featuring extra glitter and holographic goodness!

[Bottle to nail: LA Splash Sparkling Tailscales (2 coats) over Layla Golden Touch]
I'm breaking the string of Layla Softouch Effect posts here, although does it count if the base is the Softouch from last week, Golden Touch??

[Glitter: LA Splash Sparkling Tailscales (2 coats); Base: Layla Golden Touch (2 coats)]
After a week of Golden Touch, I decided to top it up (and hide tip wear!) with another champagne gold, this time with fine glitter particles in pale gold and holographic. This one's two coats of LA Splash Sparkling Tailscales over Layla Softouch Effect Golden Touch.

[Glitter: LA Splash Sparkling Tailscales (2 coats); Base: Layla Golden Touch (2 coats)]
The final result is a fine holographic sparkle that really comes to life in the sunlight! Dry time was average and the formula was fairly thin and easy to control. I think it's a bit too fine/sparse for an opaque full coverage mani on it's own, but it might work if you're going for a subtle sparkle on nude nails. =)

Mar 16, 2015

Champagne Bubbles - Layla Softouch Effect Golden Touch

I'm far from done with these Layla Softouch Effect polishes! Here's the next one! =)

[Bottle to nail: Layla Softouch Effect Golden Touch (2 coats)]
This here is Golden Touch, a pale champagne yellow gold with the same Softouch finish - a very lightly textured matte finish with heavy shimmer.

[2 coats: Layla Softouch Effect Golden Touch]
These are two coats, great dry time and very easy to work with. No top coat used so that the matte finish is retained. The photos show some visible nail line but it is much less noticeable in real life probably due to the heavy silvery-gold shimmer. Wear was good despite no top coat - the shade also helps disguise tip wear!

[2 coats: Layla Softouch Effect Golden Touch]
These Softouch finishes are great for toning down colour and shimmer for a relatively worksafe polish. I'm glad I got a whole bunch when I had the chance!

Mar 10, 2015

Dream Lagoon - Layla Softouch Effect Turquoise Splash

If you'd made a guess that I'd rediscovered my haul of Layla Softouch Effect polishes and was happily swatching my way through them, you would be right!

[Bottle to nail: Layla Softouch Effect Turquoise Splash]
This one here is aptly named Turquoise Splash. Most of my photos are a touch overexposed as I took them in direct lighting (rather than with my 'diffuser' as usual) to show off the Softouch look. Basically a matte shimmery finish. This first photo is the most accurate representation of the shade.

[2 coats: Layla Softouch Effect Turquoise Splash]
Turquoise Splash is exactly that, a turquoise shade, slightly more green than my photos suggest, in part due to the heavy gold shimmer. Formula was excellent, my photos show two coats. Dry time was also quick and of course, no topcoat. You can add top coat to give a shiny finish instead if you prefer.

[2 coats: Layla Softouch Effect Turquoise Splash]
I do find that it starts chipping at the tips within a few days, which is normal for these matte/suede effect polishes. In relative terms though, this performs better than plain mattes and matte suedes of other brands that I've tried!

Mar 3, 2015

Pink Delish - Layla Softouch Effect Cherry Diva

Been working too much... brain... outta juice.... Have a pretty polish! That deserves more words than I can come up with right now... 

[Bottle to nail: Layla Softouch Effect Cherry Diva (2 coats)]
As it says on the bottle, this is Layla Softouch Effect in Cherry Diva. My pics are a bit warmer than the polish actually is. The colour in the bottle is more accurate, the slightly cooler (cherry!) red tint.

[2 coats: Layla Softouch Effect Cherry Diva]
As you can tell, this is a soft cherry shade with tons of gold shimmer which goes really well with the Softouch Effect which is a matte faintly textured finish. Very luxe and sophisticated!

[2 coats: Layla Softouch Effect Cherry Diva]
Great formula, this was two coats. The finished mani is eye-catching but not too in-your-face. Good stuff!

Feb 23, 2015

Royal Touch - Zoya Blaze, Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment

Happy Monday! Back to work, but when you have glitter and holo in your manicure, it makes things just a little bit better...

[Tips of Fortune]
Here's a quick riff off an existing manicure, just jazzing up the tips with a glitter polish.

[Bottle to nail: Zoya Blaze (3 coats)]
I started off with Zoya Blaze, which is a red holo jelly, deeper in shade than this particular photo suggests. Great formula, you can go for 2-3 coats depending on how dark you want the resulting shade to be. I ended up using three.

[Bottle to nail: Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment; Base: Zoya Blaze (3 coats)]
Then Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment, one of my favourite polishes to do french tips with because of the fine super shiny glitter and great coverage. This was about one to two coats of Chelsea Embankment, carefully dabbed on where I wanted it. 

[Base: Zoya Blaze (3 coats); Tips: Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment]
Top it off with a generous layer of topcoat, and that's it! As usual, perfect for adding sparkle (and hiding tip wear!).