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Sep 3, 2015

Armoured in Style - CrowsToes Dragon In Drag, Kleancolor Metallic Black

I rediscovered a nail polish that was given to me by Ev for my birthday this year. This is CrowsToes' Dragon In Drag.

[Base: Kleancolor Metallic Black
Topper: CrowsToes Dragon In Drag]
Isn't it pretty? The colour combination makes it really stand out.

[Base: Kleancolor Metallic Black
Topper: CrowsToes Dragon In Drag]
First, I think Dragon In Drag is a perfect name for the nail polish. It has green, teal, purple and iridescent hex glitters of all sizes. It looks like a flamboyant, scaley polish!

I have to admit that I think I overloaded it with glitter. I should have stuck with one or two coats instead of going for a third. There really was no reason for that third except for greed. My top coat bubbled as a result because I had to really lay it on.

Aug 31, 2015

Blurpink - Born Pretty Color Change Polish #104

Here's another thermal colour change polish I picked up from Born Pretty a few months ago! These are pretty terrible photos though because my hands are always cold in winter...

[Bottle to nail: Born Pretty Color Change Polish #104 (2 coats)]
This is Born Pretty Color Change Polish #104 which is a blurple to pink temperature shifter, where blurple is cold and pink is warm.

[2 coats: Born Pretty Color Change Polish #104]
Evidently I did this mani in the dead of winter and my hands were freezing... I warmed up two fingers to show you how it looks when shifted pink.

[2 coats: Born Pretty Color Change Polish #104]
And here's some funky gradient effects from my nails cooling back down. On my thumb, you can see where I've heated just the tip. Overally, I'm pretty happy with this polish. Love the 'cool' colour and application was perfect in two coats. The finish is semi-matte, but I just popped some topcoat on over for a full gloss look!

Aug 27, 2015

Sweet Sprinkles - No. 8405

It's been pretty busy around here so let me keep this sweet and short. This was a surprise find for me! I picked up this nail polish when I was in Malaysia earlier this year, at a random market stall that sold a few different nail polishes from China. I quite like it!

[No. 8405]
As I was about to post this, I realized that a picture of the bottle was necessary because this seems like a brandless, nameless nail polish. 

[No. 8405 in bottle]
Meet No. 8405. Sounds like a prison number. The bottle cap looks like it could be an old lipstick.

[No. 8405]
No. 8405 is a pinkish-champagne-ish foil, with blue and pink hex glitter and small white hex glitter. It's almost completely opaque in three coats, with the faintest visible nail line. It doesn't have a strong smell and the consistency is pretty good. A great payload of glitter too!

So that's it. Random purchase No. 8405 was a success!

Aug 24, 2015

Classic Corvette - China Glaze Red Satin

Another quick one today!

[Bottle to nail: China Glaze Red Satin (2 coats)]
Sometimes you just gotta go for a basic red manicure. This one's China Glaze Red Satin, a nice red creme.

[2 coats: China Glaze Red Satin]
It's pretty rare for a company to mess up a red creme and this is no exception. Good formula with lots of pigment. You could probably get away with one careful coat but I used two here.

[2 coats: China Glaze Red Satin]
Add some topcoat for gloss and you have yourself a classic!

Aug 17, 2015

Perfect Potion - Ulta3 Spring Break

As I've mentioned, I've been super busy so here's a super short, simple post!

[Bottle to nail: Ulta3 Spring Break (2 coats)]
This one's Ulta3 Spring Break, a pretty much perfect purple creme.

[2 coats: Ulta3 Spring Break]
I picked it up when I went on a creme polish collection kick a few months ago. Good formula opaque in two coats, easy to deal with.

[2 coats: Ulta3 Spring Break]
I'm not sure why it looks a bit patchy in my photos but rest assured it looked fine in person! Geez, just looking at this pics makes me itch to stamp over it!

Aug 13, 2015

Armour Plated - Lacquistry Amazeballs: Original, Revlon Watermelon Fizz

I'm continuing my Iron Man themed mani!

[Base: Lacquistry Amazeballs: Original
Tips: Revlon Watermelon Fizz]
I have Lacquistry Amazeballs: Original as the base, always a winner in terms of amazing shininess, and I went over the tips with Revlon Watermelon Fizz, a red jelly that tints Amazeballs: Original into a brilliant red foil. So far, I'm thinking these two shades make a great combination!